Panama City Hope and Healing

Today Laura and I met with Panama City Manager, Gen. Mark McQueen about the Hope and Healing Holiday Celebration the city is going to be holding on Dec. 8th. The All Things Panama City Beach group has been asked specifically to help with this effort! (Because y’all are pretty much AWESOME)

It will be held at Tommy Oliver Stadium and there will be food, lights, entertainment… everything you would want out of a holiday party!

We, as a group, have been tasked with the toy drive for all of these families that have lost everything. This is going to be separate from the Oakland Terrace Christmas party but I am confident that a group of almost 20k can handle all of it and more.

THIS IS AN ALL HANDS ON DECK situation… we are under the gun here to provide toys for this event that is happening in about 3 weeks. I need ALL my heavy hitters on this… if you have a company that will donate, put them in touch with me. If you have been asking about donating supplies, consider donating toys instead. Get your church family on this. If you have reached out to me in the past about Christmas, reach out again, I’ve got places to direct this stuff now.

We are going to be looking for general toys in the 0 – 3 year old, 3 – 6, 6 – 10, 10 – 13, and 13 – 17 age brackets.

Anything you want to buy and send down, I will give you the city address of where to send it and then we are going to have people wrap, etc. Anything that is left over, will be directed towards the Oakland Terrace party as well as the other schools that have expressed interest in having us help them with Christmas for the kiddos.

UPDATE: The Hope and Healing Celebration was a SMASHING SUCCESS!!! 

We saw HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of kids today and hopefully were able to bring a little “Hope & Healing” back to the 850.

Thank you to the City of Panama City – Government for allowing us to be part of this amazing event.

And to all our elves… you have been the true blessing and backbone of making this happen. From your donations, your time, your wrapping skills and your hearts- we couldn’t have done any of this without each of you.

Check out this video we put together of some of our Holiday Projects!