Our Initial Supply Runs End

What a great way to end our supply runs. We had some of Chamblee and Doraville’s finest accompany us on a major supply drop this morning to the citizens of Springfield. These officers were here with Cop-n-Stuff Chamblee non profit and the I Care Atlanta non profit. These men and women are amazing!!!

The guy I’m standing with in front of the house rode the hurricane out IN THERE!!! After his roof blew off, he braced his legs against a door and put a ladder and a mattress over his back to protect himself from flying debris. He tried to get out to get to his grand babies house just down the street and when he did, he said cables were whipping around and he had to wait. He ended up making a run for it in the middle of the storm and made it to their house where they all rode the rest of it out together. Survivor.

Got some help today from fellow real estate agents Nathan Trent and Christy Burns. Thanks guys!

I love seeing people help out their neighbors and keeping their businesses going. 

What an experience this has been. We aren’t stopping by any means… there’s still too many people in need and we are going to take care of them because In The 850, we take care of our own. ??