Oakland Terrace Elementary Christmas Party

Update: HUGE SUCCESS!! Everything in this video was put together by the ATPCBO Team!

OK guys, so as you know, we are going to be doing a BIG Xmas party for the children of Oakland Terrace Elementary School this year. The “Orca” families took some pretty heavy damage and while the school withstood the battering winds, many homes around it did not.

It’s going to happen 12/20 and we’ve got a pretty big space to work with and the awesome party planners already have their wheels spinning 

Phase 1 of this thing is Xmas stockings for every kid… click on the link ??? and fulfill a wish (look at those requests already fulfilled, y’all are the greatest!).

Phase 2 will be a couple of gifts for each kid at the party. So like, Christmas Pajamas and a Stuffed animal and a book. If anyone has any connections with companies that can provide something like that, I’d love to hear from them. I’ll make it happen either way. ?

Phase 3 will be Angel Families for our Virtual Angel Tree. The Orcas usually do a toy drive and sponsor families that have nothing to give out on Xmas morning so we are going to fulfill that need for them. Just waiting on the wish lists and then the Tree is going to go Live.

Phase 4 will be the Party! Will need a decor and setup team, a food team, an entertainment team, and a cleanup team… and whatever other teams Miller and Jennings deem appropriate, I’m not a party planner. ?

Let’s make this the best Christmas the Orcas ever imagined!

Every Kid at this School Got a Bike!!!

Scroll down and watch their reaction below!

Look. What. You. Guys. Did.

Posted by All Things PCB Outreach on Thursday, December 20, 2018