Miss Teresa Bathroom Repair

I want everyone to meet Miss Teresa. Nearly blind, she is a Godly woman who has spent most of her life volunteering herself. She’s done her time.

Yes, 6 months (to the day) after the hurricane people are living like this and worse. Shower wall – gone. Ceiling – gone. Animals entering. Sleeping (well, she’s laying, not sleeping) on a 4 inch something that loosely resembles a mattress. Cooking on a tiny hot plate under a ceiling that to my untrained eye looks like it could come down on her anytime. ?

So here’s what we’re gonna do.

Just dropped off a brand new, 8 inch, proper mattress so this woman can get some sleep. Thank you to Americas Mattress for the sweet discount hook up on that!

I’ve got a plumber scheduled to come out and fix a leak in the shower. Thanks to Josh of Terry’s Plumbing Service for making himself available to do the work.

We are going to re-tile the rest of that shower and Sheetrock that ceiling. Thanks to Melody Hendricks for the materials donation and thanks to my own pops, Stan Jennings for the labor donation.

Team ATPCB is going to get Miss Teresa an actual stove so she can one, cook her meals on a real appliance meant for that and two, so that she doesn’t have to stand under that very sketchy looking ceiling.

Thank you to Miss Carrie Brown (aka, The Crazy Bike Lady) for bringing her to my attention.


Day 4 and that’s a wrap!

Tattoo in honor of my time with Miss Teresa who had all but been forgotten.

It’s not pretty but it is functional. This wasn’t a bathroom remodel, it was an effort to get this nice lady’s bed and home back to a somewhat comfortable and usable condition. There’s no more light coming through the floor of the tub and the ceiling is closed off to unwanted visitors too. The goal was just to provide her a little bit more ease and comfort in her own home and I think we did that.

All the credit for this goes to my Dad, Stan Jennings who is down here on vacation and let his son play on his emotions to help an old lady in need (his mom, my grandma is 104!!!). I just held a few boards, turned a few screws, did a lot of cleaning, handing tools and supervising ?. So thanks Dad, old man karma points for you ?