Jeff Ready Fundraiser

Please meet my very close friend, Jeff Ready. I just can’t say enough about this guy, Jeff is a true brother who is one of the most genuinely selfless guys I’ve ever met. Every time, literally every time, I have ever asked for help or volunteers for this nonprofit, Jeff and his wife Julie, have been there. From hurricane clean up and support to Christmas to personal donations and even donations from his own nonprofit he is involved with – The Panama City Parrotheads…. Jeff is as solid as they come, the guy is everywhere.

Jeff is a family man and the kind of person you want for a friend. He and his wife, Julie, have the type of relationship that few ever get to experience in their lifetimes and is only reserved for true soulmates. We’ve grown close over the years and I even sold them their house and closed it at my kitchen table!   

Recently, Jeff and his family were informed that he is in the advanced stages of lung cancer which has metastasized to multiple locations in his body. This is obviously devastating news for everyone who knows and loves Jeff and I want him to know that we are with him in this fight that lies ahead. 

The image at the top of this post is a graphic I have held on to… that graphic was designed by Jeff and Laura after the storm but we did not end up using it because it wasn’t going to print well on shirts. We have been asked for YEARS to have a sticker for the group and nonprofit and we have held off… until now. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the sale of this sticker will go to Jeff and his family. These stickers are not just another PCB sticker where the money will go into someone’s pocket to supplement their income or their vacations… these stickers are a piece of Jeff… they mean something and I’d like to see them all over the country. 

Please click on one of the buttons below to either buy a sticker or donate… everything collected will go to Jeff, who has proven his character to me beyond a shadow of a doubt, for him to use however he and his family sees fit. If you can’t donate at this time, please share this post.

We love you and we’re with you Jeff,

~ Chris, Laura, & the entire ATPCB Family ~


  • this is an online order only…. I love you all but I don’t have time to be meeting people with a 5 dollar sticker in hand 😉

Donate to donate, Buy Now for the Sticker! (but preferably both) 😉