Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael made landfall as the 3rd strongest storm to ever hit the United States. These past 30 days, I have eaten, breathed, and slept nothing but Hurricane. I’ve done and seen things that are honestly hard to put into words. I’ve learned a lot about myself, I’ve learned a lot about my neighbors, I’ve learned a lot about my community.
Because I respect copyright law, this video was actually approved by Dierks Bentley himself… Thanks to him and thanks to my friends for getting it in front of him. Pretty cool when someone like that says “That’s pretty rad dude! Of course you can use my song”
I need everyone to help get this out there, the media has stopped covering this disaster, which every relief worker I’ve talked to has said is worse than Katrina. Watch the video, share the video… it’s good, I promise.
We are still here. We are battered, not broken. We have learned what we are capable of.
We are Risers.
President – All Things PCB Outreach 501c3