Fountain Run

This was some of the worst things we saw today. You can see their completely DEMOLISHED trailer in the background. These dudes were legit camping, staying under the tarp they had rigged up between their car and the tree branches. One of the guys came up to me and said he wasn’t sure he was going to make it much longer but our supplies would get him through a few more days.

The older lady on the porch hadn’t seen anyone at all, no provisions. We loaded her up. Then we hit the community center that had been turned into a shelter for everyone we missed. This is what your money is going towards.

We went up to Fountain today… it’s pretty spread out up there and the people are feeling a little forgotten. We remembered them today.

A Naval Commander that I highly respect told me tonight that this is a marathon not a sprint so I think tomorrow I’m going to take a “coordination day” from home here and hit it again on Wednesday.

I honestly believe your donations are saving some lives.