Final Wish – See the Beach for the First Time

Q: Why do you guys do this?

(Full) A: “So life is all about family and living a great story, right?

So if we have the ability to send someone somewhere they’ve never been, do something they’ve never done, see something they’ve never seen… I’m going to do that 10 times out of 10.”

Thank you James Bess Foundation for bringing Randy to us and letting us run with his wish from there.

Thank you Island Time Sailing for the cruise for Randy and his brother.

Thank you Gulf World Marine Park for the passes for Randy and his brother.

Thank you to Melissa Valle for your videography services over the last few days to provide a keepsake documentary for the brothers to keep (that I can’t wait to see!).

Thank you to WJHG-TV and WMBB-TV for helping to tell Randy’s story.

Accommodations – The Boardroom PCB – Vacation Rental (it’s weird thanking myself so I’m not gonna)

WMBB-TV Story – Click Here

WJHG-TV Story – Click Here

Randy’s Keepsake Tribute Video