Cards for Max / Max Day!

Who remembers Max? 12 year old Max worked tirelessly in the months after the Hurricane organizing supply drives, monetary donations, and even a toy drive for Christmas. He physically came down twice to help. Not many know this but through all of it, Max was sick. But he pressed on, because dude is a warrior.

Max’s mom reached out to me and let me know that Max has been diagnosed with Crohns Disease – a very painful inflammatory disease of the digestive tract. Kids at school are picking on him and Max is in pain and feeling depressed. Max doesn’t have a ton of friends at school and will be turning 13 on May 26th, but won’t be having a party. Max thinks no one cares about him.

I told his Mom that we were going to change his mind on that.

After talking to Max’s mom further, it became clear that a simple card would mean the world to him so lets pile a mountain of cards on this young man. If you want to include a get well note or a 5 dollar visa gift card or something, he probably wouldn’t hate that either but cards from all over the world would really lift his spirits!


The News covered MAX DAY! Click Here!

Who remembers this little effort we’ve got going on? Well, I was able to just put the last piece into the puzzle…

We will be having a Private Screening / Party of Avengers Endgame for Max on his birthday, May 26th at the The Grand Theatre!!! We have a theatre that will hold about 60 people and arrival time of 9:30 am with the movie starting at 10. A $10 donation back to the NP is suggested but not required (I really just want people to show up for Max).

If you have committed Gift Cards, Cake, or anything else, please get with me in the next two weeks so that I can collect everything and have it waiting for Max in his donated beachfront condo!

If you haven’t sent Max his card…. there’s still time! See his address in the original post.

Bullying sucks and Max is a Hero – Let’s remind him of both those things.

“What if the kid you bullied in school grew up and turned out to be the only surgeon that could save your life?” ~ Lynette Mather