A Day with Red Dog

Many hands make light work.

Meet “Red Dog” (and his actual dog, Scrappy). One of our members, Mike Milligan put out the call letting us know that Red Dog was havin a tough time out here in Fountain. Trees everywhere, roof blown off, and Red Dog can only really get around on that lawn mower so he needed some major paths cleared. Mike thought it would at least take the day to get him taken care of but look at the ATPCB ARMY that showed up!!!

We got him and his neighbors cleared out in a matter of hours with your donated chainsaws and left him and his neighbors with a ton of supplies, a new grill to cook on, a cooler full of food since there no electricity out there, a huge bag of dog food for Scrappy, and some food to get him and his neighbors through. All from your donations.

They’re in bad shape out there but we made their day a little better, I think. You guys have all been so super generous and I thank you. I did finally start a gofundme because I think it’s just easier for people to use… please consider donating so we can continue doing this work and telling these stories. The media isn’t doing it.